Revitalising Toner

Revitalising Toner

Super hydrating and refreshing with papaya (50ml)

A dynamic skin-toning synergy to energise the skin’s appearance and vitality


About Product

Revitalising Toner is an uplifting blend of herbal extracts renowned for their skin healing properties with flower essences selected for their cleansing and restorative vibrational qualities in a dynamic skin-toning synergy. A soothing, refreshing and hydrating tonic to energise the skin and restore its vitality. Enjoy spritzing your face for an instant skin pick-me-up

How and when to use
Shake before use. Spray the toner directly onto your face. Let the skin absorb the toner before proceeding to the next stage of your skincare routine. Use morning and night after cleansing and before applying other Karen Farley products


- refreshing and hydrating
- soothes and calms skin
- helps restore skin vitality
- toning and plumping effect

Customer Comments

“I really like the scent and feel of this toner. My skin always feels so refreshed after using it,” Adele
“My skin has really cleared up since using your Revitalising Toner,” Liza
“This toner is like spraying a little bit of heaven on my face,” Carolyn

Hero Ingredients

Papaya leaf
Papaya leaves contain vitamins C, E, D, A and the natural exfoliating enzyme papain all of which contribute to skin health and glow. Papaya leaf extract helps hydrate, even skin tone and soothes skin blemishes and acne

The leaves and flowers of kumerahou were traditionally used as to bathe or create a poultice for wounds, sores and rashes. Kumerahou also has soothing, healing and emollient (skin softening) properties

All ingredients
organic rose geranium essential oil; cleansing and self-worth flower essence (gorse, white as snow, strawberry cactus, pimprenelle rose), high hopes rose flower essence (damage repair), amberlight rose flower essence; papaya leaf extract; kumarahou extract; titoki extract; grapefruit seed extract; bio-energised colloidal silver; glycerine; polysorbate 20; BioGro approved preservative: dehydroacetic acid and benzyl alcohol

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