Beauty And Self Discovery Courses

Karen Farley, founder of the Karen Farley brand, health, beauty and well-being expert, public speaker, editor and publisher offers two exciting and unique on-line consultation and programme options focussing on beauty, well-being and self discovery. See below:

Face Lifting Workout by Karen Farley

Founder of the Face Lifting Workout, Karen Farley will teach you a programme of facial exercises that will reduce facial sagging, lines and wrinkles so that you can maintain a youthful appearance.

The Face Code by Karen Farley

Karen Farley is the founder of The Face Code. By deciphering The Face Code, Karen will analyse your facial features to help you to discover your true nature and real life purpose.

The Face Code will assist you to find your greatest happiness, including better health, better relationships, and greater prosperity.


For further information about the Face Lifting Workout and/or The Face Code, please submit your details below:

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