Our Ethical Practices

Karen Farley is totally committed to creating a healthy woman and world. Our skincare is modern, dynamic and made with pure, natural and organic ingredients. We are dedicated to working and living in harmony with nature. We love our planet and wish to protect its beauty for us and future generations.

Pure, Natural And Organic Ingredients
Dedicated to creating skincare products that avoid exposing ourselves and our world to unnecessary chemicals. Karen Farley skincare is pure, natural and made with organic ingredients. 

Scientifically Validated
Karen Farley uses active ingredients that have been clinically shown to provide outstanding scientific results by independent studies.

Eco Friendly Packaging
All Karen Farley packaging is compostable, re-useable or recyclable. Karen Farley face, body and shampoo bars are packed in compostable cardboard packaging. Our Skincare glass containers are re-useable. Our skincare tubes are recyclable.

Cruelty Free
No Karen Farley products are tested on animals. Karen Farley educates, informs and empowers people to make cruelty-free, plant based and vegan choices.

We care about the welfare of farmed animals and the effect of methane emissions on the planet. We do not use any animal derived ingredients in our skincare products. 

Palm Oil Free
Karen Farley does not use palm oil as an ingredient in any of our products.

Gluten Free
All Karen Farley products are gluten free.

Loving Nature And Mother Earth
Karen Farley is a public speaker, publisher and author who inspires adults and children to re-connect to nature and mother earth.

Karen Farley is committed to FairTrade and all suppliers must demonstrate FairTrade practices by certification. All Karen Farley suppliers must demonstrate eco-sustainable and carbon neutral practices.

Organic Producer
Karen Farley is proudly an organic producer of health and body care products.

By choosing Karen Farley products you can always have peace of mind that our products only contain pure, natural and organic ingredients.
Karen Farley products contain:

• no nanoparticles

• no GE modified plant material and extracts
• no detergents

• no animal derived products

• no TEAs or DEAs
• no plastic micro beads

• no synthetic fillers
• no mineral oils

• no propylene glycol
• no artificial colours or fragrances

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