The World Of Karen Farley

Health And Beauty Expertise
Karen Farley, is an international health, beauty and well-being expert, publisher and public speaker with a passion for researching and communicating about how women in particular can live optimally healthy and vibrant lives in harmony with nature and also in tune with their own natural uniqueness.

Karen believes every woman deserves the right to look and feel their best and to reach their own full potential whilst nurturing themselves and sustaining the natural world around them. A wholistic approach to beauty and health is the essence of Karen’s vision.

Magazine Publisher And Editor
Karen’s passion for natural beauty and health led her to launch and publish Lifestyle magazine in 1996 which went on to become an international top selling health and beauty women’s magazine in the late 90s until 2006. During this time Karen also launched the very successful SoulFood magazine.

Karen Farley, Celebrities And The Skincare Industry
Under the direction of Karen as the Publisher and Editor, Lifestyle and SoulFood magazines had a strong focus on natural health and beauty topics, including inspirational interviews with world famous celebrities including Jennifer Anniston, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts, Helen Mirren and many more. Soaring magazine sales and outstanding editorial content resulted in many of the world’s top international skincare brands advertising with Lifestyle magazine and gaining editorial space.

As Karen and her editorial team reviewed the beauty products of these leading global brands, Karen became increasingly disillusioned with the amount of chemicals packed into each of these skincare products. Karen’s own research started to uncover a raft of possible consequences these chemicals could have on a woman’s health. Even well known skincare companies producing products claiming to be “natural” were found to include potentially harmful chemicals in their product.

A Leading Light In The Field Of Natural Skincare
Karen’s passion to provide women with the very best quality information about natural therapies and products lead her on an exciting new path. She launched her own pure, natural skincare company in 2006 — KAREN FARLEY — a company totally committed to providing a 100% natural skincare and organic range of beauty products of the very highest quality.

Karen Farley Ethics
Karen Farley offers her customers pure, natural and organic skincare, which is one of the very best available in the world today.

Karen says “I have a strong connection to the earth and nature and I am passionate about creating products that are pure, natural, organic and sustainable for the planet and are very effective too.

“We live on a beautiful planet and I love nothing more than communing with nature, listening to the birds, breathing the scents of the plants and basking in the peace. The earth wants nothing more than for us all to connect with her, because we are her children and she is here to support and take care of us. So lets love, appreciate and take care of her and in so doing create the best possible future for the earth and our children.

“I believe we can all make a difference, in our own way, starting with our own lifestyles, our own families and taking care of the part of the planet that we live on. One important step that we can all take is choosing products that are as close to nature as possible, that allow nature to nurture us and that in turn have minimal impact on the earth.”

More about Our Ethical Practices

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