The World Of Karen Farley

Our intention is to provide women with the highest quality beauty products available, so you can look your best, feel your best and live as many days on this beautiful planet as possible.

We have spent the last 25 years searching beyond the trends, fads and all the hype to find the most effective age defying solutions.

In the late 90s Karen launched and published a top selling health and beauty magazine called 'Lifestyle', where she worked with many world renowned brands. They would send us their products. Karen was shocked at the long lists of chemicals and nauseating fragrances they all contained. 

Even today, many beauty brands slap on labels like "clean" and "natural", but their ingredients say otherwise...

This evoked true inspiration to create a range of beauty products which surpassed anything else available, offering outstanding benefits, whilst staying closely in touch with nature.


Karen Farley products contain:

no parabens
no nanoparticles
no GE modified plant material and extracts 
no detergents
no animal derived products
no TEAs or DEAs
no plastic micro beads
no synthetic fillers
no mineral oils
no propylene glycol
no artificial colours or fragrances


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