Line Smoothing Moisturiser

Line Smoothing Moisturiser

Skin plumping effect with viola oderata (60ml)

A luxurious daily moisturiser designed to plump skin and reduce lines and wrinkles


About Product

Our Line Smoothing Moisturiser is a luxuriously rich cream designed to plump skin and reduce lines and wrinkles. An infusion of natural ingredients clinically shown to powerfully moisturise whilst contracting and protecting the skin’s collagen fibres and smoothing lines. The super age-defying powers of cacay and hydrating violet extract are further amplified with the superior and unique skin regenerating properties of Corsican helichrysum italicum essential oil

How and when to use
Apply to your face and neck being gentle around the delicate eye area. Use every morning after applying your other Karen Farley products


- clinical studies demonstrated wrinkle reduction including “lip furrows” and “crows feet”
- contraction of collagen fibres;
- protection of elastic fibres;
- long lasting moisturisation (*SEPPIC)

Customer Comments

“Thank you for your wonderful products. The Line Smoothing Moisturiser is divine,” Petra
“The Line Smoothing Moisturiser is so effective, it is very, very good,” Diane
“Really love your Line Smoothing Moisturiser, it's just right for my skin. Thank you,” Sarah

Hero Ingredients

Corsican helichrysum italicum
Known as immortelle or everlasting because of it’s superior generating properties, helichrysum italicum is a superior anti-aging essential oil. The growing conditions in Corsica, produce the highest concentrations of this incredible plant’s regenerative active ingredients such as neryl acetate

Viola oderata
The extract of beautiful sweet violets has anti-inflammatory and emollient properties. This precious ingredient therefore helps soothe the skin, whilst hydrating and softening dry and mature skin

All ingredients
purified water; cacay oil; rosehip oil; helichrysum italicum essential oil; violet extract; marigold extract; dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline; theobroma cacao butter; sweet almond oil; apricot kernel oil; vitamin E; cetearyl alcohol; coco-caprylate; cetearyl olivate; sorbitan olivate; citric acid; rose geranium essential oil; BioGro approved preservative: dehydroacetic acid and benzyl alcohol

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