Dynamic Eye Cream

Dynamic Eye Cream

Firming and revitalising with quince (30ml)

Super hydrating and protective against environmental damage


About Product

Our Dynamic Eye Cream has potent skin restorative actions that smooth, firm, moisturise and revitalise the delicate eye area. An unrivalled combination of rosehip oil (vital essential fatty acids and vitamins), quince (anti-inflammatory, soothing, hydrating, protective) and cucumber (cooling, soothing) designed to protect against premature ageing

How and when to use
Apply small amount to ring finger tip, gently pat around eye area, avoiding eye itself or pulling delicate skin. Use morning and night after moisturising. Patch test before first use


- intensively moisturising and nourishing
- encourages cellular regeneration
- firms, smooths and revitalises
- antioxidant protection

Customer Comments

“I just love the Dynamic Eye Cream, my eyes feel so much better when I use it” Wendy
“Thank you for the Dynamic Eye Cream, it is the only thing I can use around my sensitive eyes,” Beth
My friend recommended that I try your Dynamic Eye Cream. What a difference it has made. Best eye cream I’ve used. Georgia

Hero Ingredients

Quince seeds are highly nutrient rich and have an astringent quality that helps firm and smooth fine lines and sagging skin. Quince seed extract also helps stimulate blood circulation allowing the skin to maintain its elasticity and look revitalised

Cooling and soothing, cucumber brings hydration whilst its mild skin-lightening and astringent properties helps to firm the delicate skin around the eyes and reduce fine lines. Ascorbic acid and caffein acid, present in cucumber, also helps alleviate water retention, thus helping reduce puffiness

All ingredients
purified water; sweet almond oil; apricot kernel oil; jojoba oil; rosehip oil; caprylic triglyceride; glycerine; stearic acid; glycerol stearate; quince seed extract; magnolia extract; cucumber extract; cetyl alcohol; aminomethyl propenol; vitamin e; grapefruit seed extract; high hopes rose flower essence; helleborus niger 6x; BioGro approved preservative: dehydroacetic acid and benzyl alcohol

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