Daily Intensive Moisturiser

Daily Intensive Moisturiser

Superior moisturisation with pomegranate (50ml)

Age defying intensive moisturisation protecting against the visible signs of ageing


About Product

Our Daily Intensive Moisturiser combines the powerful antioxidant protective properties of pomegranate with the superior skin soothing, smoothing and hydrating qualities of oat seed in a richly potent cream formulated to nourish, smooth and intensely hydrate normal, dry or mature skin. The dynamics of this age-defying intensive formula are further enhanced with coenzyme Q10 and rosehip oil, working to reduce and protect against the appearance of wrinkles and other visible signs of ageing

How and when to use
Apply to your face and neck being gentle around the delicate eye area. Use every morning after applying your other Karen Farley products


- nourishing and intensively moisturising
- soothing and excellent for sensitive skin
- age protective, design to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
- regenerative for radiant skin

Customer Comments

“I’ve noticed a big reduction in the lines and wrinkles on my face and neck since using the Age Defying Moisturiser,” Chris
“Been using your Age Defying Intensive Moisturiser for 6 months now. My skin hasn’t looked, nor felt, this good in years,” Robyn
“I have sensitive skin and have tried many different moisturisers in the past but found yours to be far superior,” Anita

Hero Ingredients

The extract of juicy pomegranate provides antioxidants, phytonutrients, minerals, fatty acids and vitamins that work in synergy to plump the skin and promote collagen production (the skin’s structural protein that is so vital for a bouncy, youthful appearance)

Oat seed
Oat seeds help retain the skin’s natural moisture, reduce skin inflammation and are rich in beta glucans which are renowned for stimulating collagen production and cell growth. These reparative and age defying properties help regenerate and improve damaged skin of all types, including sensitive skin 

CoQ10, or ubiquinone, is a vitamin-like, fat-soluble substance that is naturally present in the body — although tends to decline as we age. A powerful antioxidant, when applied to the skin, it has an energizing effect on such factors as collagen production, that tend to slow down with age and cumulative sun exposure. CoQ10 is therefore highly effective in helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

All ingredients
sweet almond oil; apricot kernel oil; jojoba oil; organic rosehip oil; pomegranate extract, oat seed extract, ginger root extract, grapefruit seed extract; coenzyme Q10; organic rose geranium essential oil; secale cornutum 6x; violet dahlia flower essence (nutrient optimisation); Aunt Daisy flower essence (women's self worth); cream climbing rose flower essence (DNA overhaul), red rhododendron flower essence (tiredness & fatigue); purified water; vitamin E; xanthan gum; caprylic/capric triglyceride; glycerine; stearic acid; glycerol stearate; cetyl alcohol; amino-methyl propenol; BioGro approved preservative: dehydroacetic acid and benzyl alcohol


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